Sudan and Norway agree on four more years of OfD cooperation

On 29 June 2016, Norway and Sudan signed a new four-year agreement for an OfD Programme in Sudan.

The new four-year agreement builds on the achievements of the previous programme period, while also including new elements such as petroleum economics and a more extensive environmental management component.

- While progress has been made in the previous programme period, much work remains in order for Sudan to adapt to a post-secession situation with declining revenue and oil production, says Petter Stigset, head of the OfD Secretariat.

An ambitious new programme

A key goal in the new programme is to finalize and implement the new draft petroleum policy. Further, Sudan must review its exploration strategy in order to exploit its petroleum potential. The new programme also aims to build capacity in the area of resource assessment, including a specific project to investigate the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) potential of the Neem field. Focus is also given to gas utilization, geographic information systems (GIS) and data management.

The environmental management component includes projects on environmental monitoring, environmental data management, improved use of environmental impact assessments, produced water management, and waste management. Within the area of safety management, the aim is to improve safety and working environment regulations, and on building capacity related to monitoring and supervision.

Norway has assisted Sudan as part of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement since 2005.

10 years of cooperation: Key results

  • Together with Norwegian experts, Sudan has undertaken a comprehensive drafting process to prepare a petroleum policy, expected to be completed late 2016. 
  • Norway and Sudan has cooperated on a substantial EOR project for the Heglig field. Through the OfD programme, Sudanese experts has undergone comprehensive training in geological and reservoir modelling and simulations.

  • A review of options for the management of produced water in Sudan’s oil industry, as well as a review of environmental monitoring systems in the Red Sea, has been undertaken. 

  • Sudanese safety authorities has undertaken more inspections and audits, with the assistance of Petroleum Safety Authority Norway.

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Published 28.09.2016
Last updated 28.09.2016