Drill site location in the outskirts of Havana. Here they are drilling a 5000 meter long horizontal well from onshore and out to the Caribbean Sea. The target is a carbonate reservoir, about 1200 meter deep.
Photo: Jan Stenløkk

Collaboration across institutions in Havana

Cuban government professionals praised the Oil for Development four-week course.

- Having Norwegian experts share their first-hand experience and knowledge from the petroleum sector, is of indescribable value to Cuba, says Maria Regla Soroa in The Cuba-Petroleo Company (CUPET).

The four-week course “Sharing Experience in Resource Governance” took place in Miramar, Havana. The course covered the four components of the Oil for Development program.

26 participants attended, representing more than eight different Cuban government institutions. They came from various professional backgrounds including engineering, law, physics, geology, economics and even architecture.

Positive feedback

The pedagogical approach of Norwegian experts provided a different teaching style, and was highly valued by the participants.

Feedback from the participants pointed out the group work as a highlight of the course. The reason was that it demonstrated how to transform theory into practice.

The course also contributed to better cross-institutional collaboration for the Cuban petroleum sector.

- The Norwegian model inspires us to think in a different way. Norway’s strong environment laws and regulations are of great inspiration for shaping the future Cuban environment policies, says Juan Ramon Fuentes of ORASEN, the Cuban office of environmental regulation and nuclear safety.

The course covers the following topics

  • Week 1: Understanding the petroleum sector and challenges
  • Week 2: Understanding geological and technical aspects of petroleum development
  • Week 3: Safety and environment management in the oil and gas industry
  • Week 4: Economic, legal and contractual aspects of petroleum development
Published 20.04.2017
Last updated 20.04.2017