Basic principles for Norad evaluations

Evaluations commissioned by the Evaluation Department build on Norwegian regulations and principles established by OECD Development Assistance Committee.

The work of the Evaluation Department is based on a specific Instruction for evaluating the Norwegian Development Aid Administration and the general Regulations for Financial Management of the Government of Norway.

Evaluations are carried out in line with the principles and criteria established by the OECD Development Assistance Committee.

They are to adhere to the following principles:

  • Evaluations should be carried out independently of those responsible for the administration or implementation of the activity/project. 
  • Evaluations should be carried out in accordance with recognised evaluation methods and principles. 
  • Evaluations should seek to clarify relevant issues. 
  • Evaluations should include operational recommendations that can be used when formulating budgets and further developing the activity/project that is being evaluated.
  • Evaluations should contribute to constructive, open debate. 

The evaluation process and the reports shall adhere to the OECD DAC Quality Standards and the Evaluation Department’s own guidelines.

Published 04.02.2016
Last updated 05.02.2016