Follow-up of evaluations

Each evaluation is followed by a management response according to prescribed procedures.

When an evaluation report is approved by the Evaluation Department, it is forwarded to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Climate and Environment (depending on which ministry that is in charge of what is evaluated) together with a letter presenting the Evaluation Department’s assessment of the evaluation and the Evaluation Department’s recommendations.

The Ministry then develops a plan for follow-up of the evaluation (management response) within six weeks after having received the report, delegating follow-up to a designated unit within the Ministry or, if relevant, Norad.

After one year, the responsible unit presents a report to the Secretary General on how the recommendations have been followed up.

The Evaluation Department publishes both the management response plan and the report online, see the web page presenting each report for more details. 

The documents regarding follow-up of evaluations are normally available in Norwegian language only.

Published 04.02.2016
Last updated 05.02.2016