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Norway has substantial expertise in the fields of fish and other marine resources.
Photo: Ken Opprann

Fish for Development

The Fish for Development programme (FfD) is established to achieve a more strategic approach to development cooperation in the areas of fisheries and aquaculture.

The overall objective of the Fish for Development programme is to reduce poverty through socio economic development which include food security, sustainable management and profitable business activities.

Fish, other marine resources and the oceans themselves are becoming increasingly important as a source of both income and nutrition, particularly for developing countries but also globally. Norway has substantial expertise in these fields, and through FfD we want to make even greater use of this in our development policy.

Three components

The Fish for Development programme is divided into three main components. Projects in these areas will be developed over time in different countries and regions.

1. Research and development
(including the Nansen programme)

Education is an important element of Norway’s development policy, and is also a key part of the Fish for Development programme.

By building on the good work that has already been done and on the leading position Norwegian marine research institutions have developed, the FfD programme can assist developing countries to improve their expertise in this field considerably. Vocational training is also expected to be part of FfD.

2. Business development
(including aquaculture)

Norway’s own experience shows that it is possible to make a good profit from the commercial use of fish and other marine resources.

This requires the development of businessoriented projects that are both sustainable and financially sound, a process that requires both expertise and capital.

3. Resource management and legislation

Norway’s own administrative authorities will be heavily involved in projects in this area, and the scope of the projects will depend on need in partner countries, as well as available capacity within Norwegian institutions.


Norad has the secretariat for the programme. It reports to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), which has overall political responsibility. The Norwegian Ministry for Industry and Fisheries (NFD) also joins the interministerial group for fish and development aid.

All Norwegian development collaboration within fisheries and aquaculture are part of FfD.

The following countries have been selected as special collaboration countries in the programme:

  • Colombia
  • Ghana
  • Myanmar
Published 17.11.2017
Last updated 20.11.2017