Saving mothers, giving lives

Saving Mothers, Giving Life was launched with the goal of aggressively reducing maternal mortality in places where women are dying at alarming rates during pregnancy and childbirth.

Saving Mothers, Giving Life’s goal:

Is to aggressively reduce maternal mortality in places where women are dying at alarming rates during pregnancy and childbirth. Visit

Saving Mothers Giving Life (SMGL) is a public private partnership under president Obama’s Global Health initiative. Its’ aim is to rapidly reduce maternal mortality in low income countries, building on particular the PEPFAR programme with its extensive health sector support in recipient countries to fight HIV/AIDS. Norway is a founding partner in SMGL.  

SMGL is developing pilot projects in Zambia and Uganda. Based on experiences from these pilots a second phase is being planned that would involve around a dozen countries.

Norway an active role in developing phase 2

Norway has been requested to initially lead with partners the planning of phase 2, with the aim of developing the most cost effective and sustainable strategy. The strategy will be based on the experiences gained from phase 1 countries, Norwegian and other partners’ experiences derived from collaborations with other low income countries. 

The strategy will be developed in close collaboration with partners, and is planned to be ready before March 2013.
Norway is planning to invest in several Phase 2 SMGL activities including 2-4 low income countries.

Maternal mortality:

Approximately 1,000 women die while giving life every day. For every woman who dies, at least 20 more suffer injury, infection or disability. Read more about maternal mortality

The strategy will be based on:

  • National plans and targets, ensuring strong country ownership
  • Commitments made by leaders and partners in these countries to the Every Woman Every Child initiative led by UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon and the Millennium Development Goals
  • Maximizing regional initiatives and platforms such as the East African Community Open Health Initiative
  • The recommendations of the UN commission on life saving commodities for women and children co-chaired by Prime Minister Stoltenberg and President Jonathan of Nigeria
  • Results based frameworks and other innovation initiatives and partnerships that Norway is engaged in, with other partners.

The strategy will include:

  1. Sustainability analysis and exit strategies for external support
  2. Costing and cost sharing strategies of proposed priority interventions to scale SMGL
  3. Support required to expand government implementation capacity and efforts
  4. Monitoring and evaluations framework, building on the recommendations from the Commission on Information and Accountability

Purpose of the workshop and expected outcome:

The Norwegian contribution to SMGL will be launched during a high-level event in Oslo, Norway June 1 2012. The event will comprise a high-level plenary followed by four parallel workshops. This workshop will focus on challenges related to national scale-up and financial sustainability issues .

The purpose of the workshop is to provide recommendations for the SMGL’s second phase, where the intention is to scale up the pilot approaches to national level and several countries.

Published 30.05.2012
Last updated 16.02.2015