The Oil for Development programme in Iraq

Iraq has the world’s fifth largest proven petroleum reserves, and the country is currently re-developing its oil and gas reserves after years of sanctions and wars.

The first five-year cooperation programme between Iraq and Norway ended in 2009.

The cooperation resumed in 2013 and expired in the first quarter of 2018. A new programme is currently being planned.

Key achievements 2017

Enhanced legal and regulatory framework:

  • Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessments  (EIAs) were completed and approved under the supervision of the Norwegian Environment Agency  and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

Increased institutional capacity:

  • Training in data management and in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) continued. Increased use of GIS will enhance the Ministry’s capacity for planning and presenting data to the public.

  • Capacity was increased in the Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Health and Environment in enforcement of environmental requirements.
Published 02.07.2014
Last updated 27.09.2018