The Oil for Development programme in Myanmar

A five-year programme document was finalised in 2017.

Myanmar is one of the world’s oldest oil producers with production going back to the 19th century.

Natural gas comprises 90 per cent of total production. The OfD Steering Committee agreed that the planning of an OfD programme could start in 2016, and a five-year programme document was finalised in 2017.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Norway and Myanmar, covering the OfD programme, was signed in May 2017. The next step is for the Norwegian and Myanmar institutions to enter into bilateral institutional cooperation agreements.

Key achievements 2017

  • The Norwegian Environment Agency assisted in the  development of of a map showing vulnerable biodiversity  resources and eco-systems overlapping with oil  and gas blocks, and assisted MONREC in the EIA-processes.

  • The Norwegian Coastal Administration participated in a working group developing a National Plan against Acute Pollution.

  • The Ministry of Electricity and Energy and the Ministry of Planning and Finance increased their competence regarding project economics and modelling of the fiscal regime through a training provided by OfD in cooperation with the IMF.
Published 02.07.2014
Last updated 27.09.2018