The petroleum sector in Somalia is at an early phase of implementation and the existence and size of recoverable reserves remains unclear. Somalia became part of the OfD Programme in June 2018.

The petroleum sector in Somalia is at an early stage; there are currently no exploration or production activities. New seismic data have been acquired the last years and indicate potential for petroleum resources.

The Petroleum legal framework is not yet complete and the revised Petroleum Law awaits approval in Parliament. The competence and capacity in petroleum resource management in the government institutions needs to be strengthened to enable them to implement their roles and responsibilities in the sector.

In June 2018, the planning of an OfD programme in Somalia was formally approved and in 2018 and 2019 Somalia and Norway will work together to map the status and needs of the Somali petroleum sector, and jointly plan an OfD programme.

Selected technical assistance activities and capacity building combined with the development of a holistic programme document and an appropriate agreement structure for an institutional cooperation programme will be the main activities in 2018 and 2019.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mining in Somalia is assigned the responsibility for the coordination of the planning of an OfD programme.


Published 27.09.2018
Last updated 27.09.2018