The Oil for Development programme in Uganda

Norway has assisted Uganda in developing the country’s petroleum sector since the 1980s.

The current three-year programme comprises management support within the resource, environment and revenue components and ends in 2018. A new comprehensive five-year OfD programme is being prepared.

Key achievements 2017

Enhanced legal and regulatory framework:

  • The new National Environment Management Bill was finalised and read for the first time in parliament in December 2017. The legal and regulatory work was  done by a team headed by the National Environment Management Authority, supported by the Norwegian Environment Agency.

Increased institutional capacity:

  • The Uganda Bureau of Statistics was supported by Statistics Norway in developing investment statistics in order to include oil and gas in the Uganda national accounts. The statistics provides information on current and future anticipated investments in the oil and gas sector. This information is used by different stakeholders for policy development, decision making as well as to highlight the contribution of the oil and gas sector to the economy.

  • The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development  (MEMD) has established the Petroleum Authority Uganda (PAU) as its own regulator, and established  UNOC as a state-owned company.

Increased transparency and accountability: 

  • The OfD programme has assisted the petroleum authorities  in developing a communication strategy, where information to the public about sector development  plays an important role. The environmental authorities have carried out extensive regional interest collections as part of the work on the new environmental law. In 2017, a dialogue meeting was held between  the authorities and civil society organizations.
Published 02.07.2014
Last updated 27.09.2018