Advanced data download and data structure

Through access to microdata you can download detailed project information from all Norwegian Official Development Assistance (ODA) agreements back to 1960.

You can customize your download and process the data in software that is compatible with CSV or Excel files.

We advise you to make active selections to limit the downloading time.

Projects and partners

Our dataset contain several lines where each line corresponds to a payment over a budget post to an aid agreement during a given year. If an agreement has payments over several budget posts or has duration of more than a year, it will be spread over several lines.


Each agreement includes detailed information on partner, sector and on the amount of money that the project has received. You will also have information on policy markers, budget posts and agreement descriptions.

Variation over time

Note that the amount of information available varies over time. Between 1960 and 1980 we only have information on where the aid was distributed. Between 1980 and 1998 we also have information on sector and short descriptions of the aid agreements.

The most detailed information is available for projects after 1998. Note that there have been changes in the data categories which can make it difficult to compare sector information over long periods of time.

Description on the different selections

1. Select time period

Please select time period.

2. Select country or region

Please select one or several countries and/or regions

3. Select sector group

Choose between seven different sector groups. The data file will contain more detailed sector information.

Be aware that data before 1980 does not contain sector information; all the projects will be categorized as “In donor costs and unspecified”.

4. Select partner group

You can choose between different types of partners. A partner is defined as the Norwegian government’s counterpart, and is responsible for the project on Norway’s behalf. In the data file you will find data on the specific partners under each partner group.

Be aware that data before 1999 does not contain information on partners, except for multilateral organizations.

5. Select budget post

This variable is only available in Norwegian, and it contains information about the Norwegian state budget, and which budget post the project is financed.

You can only choose between budget posts for the last five years, but the data file will contain budget information on all projects since 1980. Be aware that the budget posts can change from year to year.