Gender Review: Royal Norwegian Embassy Nepal

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  • Utgitt: august 2010
  • Serie: Norad rapporter: diskusjon
  • Type: Norad-rapport
  • Utført av: Nora Ingdal & Thora Holter
  • Bestilt av: The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kathmandu
  • Land: Nepal
  • Tema: Kvinner og likestilling
  • Antall sider: 54
  • Serienummer: 16/2010
  • ISBN: 978-82-7548-515-9
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The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal (the Embassy) has requested Norad’s
assistance in undertaking a Gender review of the Embassy.

In 2007 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) adopted an Action Plan for Women’s Rights and

Gender Equality in Development Cooperation (GEAP). As part of the GEAP follow up, the Embassies have been requested to strengthen their efforts to promote Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (WRGE) in their development portfolios and policy dialogues.

The reviews will also contribute to the implementation of the commitments outlined in the White Paper (St.melding) number 11 On Equal Terms, and the Norwegian Government’s Action Plan for the Implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR1325) on Women, Peace and Security, 2006 (extended to 2012) in addition to the GEAP.

The Mid‐term review of this Action Plan (2009) found that it is difficult to assess the results of Norwegian development support to women’s rights and gender equality at country level and attributes this to among other factors weak reporting mechanisms.

The purpose of the gender reviews is therefore to build the capacity and strengthen the embassies’ efforts to plan, implement, monitor and report on how WRGE is promoted in programmes and in the policy dialogue with bilateral and multilateral partners.

The Review Team has consisted of one staff from Norad and one from Nordic Consulting Group, who was commissioned as technical expert, and been executed through desk studies, discussions with representatives of the Embassy, implementing partners in Nepal (3‐8 May 2010), and through discussions with Norad and MFA staff members in Norway who are actively supporting the Embassy.

The Review Team appreciates the fruitful and open discussions held with the Embassy and institutions in Nepal, and special thanks to Ida Rønning at the Embassy for facilitating the field program.

Oslo, 4th June 2010

Nora Ingdal (NCG) and Thora Holter (Norad)

Publisert 27.08.2010
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